In Memoriam

We note with sorrow the passing of the following and extend our sympathy to those who are a part of the TBK family. 

Raquel Monk, mother of Dr. Rebeca Monk (David Trawick) 

Michael Umansky, son of Ronald & Sheila Umansky, brother of Jennifer adn Jonathan

Morton Levine, husband of Annette Levine, father of Gary (Amy Chapman) Levine 

Richard Fattaruso, husband of Marcia Fattaruso, cousin of Neal Levittt, Reva (Don) Riley, and Jane Margolis

Hanna Lester, mother of Peggy (Paul) Friedman

Barbara Lane, mother of Wendy (David) Dworkin

William Shelby, father of Ivy (Anita Cassano) Shelby

Allen J. Braverman, son of Sandy Braverman


For information on additional family members, please visit the website of Brighton Memorial Chapel


Parashat Nasso
June 15, 2019

In this Torah portion, God describes the service of the Gershon family of Levites.  The laws relating to the suspected adultress and nazirite are given.  God tells Moses and Aaron the priestly blessing.  The heads of tribes bring gifts to the Tabernacle.