Kollel Sunday Series

Sunday Kollel Series

Date:  May 19

It's Party Time: The 2019 Israeli Elections and the 46 Parties That Ran

Michael Argaman is a dual US-Israeli citizen and member of TBK. He recently returned from Israel, where he voted and campaigned in the elections. He will discuss the quirks and features of the Israeli political system, and why it attracts a very diverse group of interesting characters. Michael was a member of a kibbutz on the border with Gaza, served in the IDF, and has been involved in the Israeli peace movement.  He has a degree in economics and political science from Tel Aviv University.

Coffee and bagels will be available at 9:30 a.m.
The program begins at 10:00 a.m. 



Parashat Behar
May 25, 2019

In this Torah portion, God describes the laws surrounding resting the land and crops every seven years, as well as the Jubilee year every 50 years. God permits the use of slaves but provides stipulations including the obligation to eventually free your slaves.