Brunch & Broadway at RBTL

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Tony®-winning director Bartlett Sher brings his fresh take on a beloved masterpiece to life as FIDDLER ON THE ROOF begins a North American tour direct from Broadway. A wonderful cast and a lavish orchestra tell this heartwarming story of fathers and daughters, husbands and wives, and the timeless traditions that define faith and family. To love! To life!

Join us for a family friendly afternoon of musical theatre!

Sunday, December 16

11:00 am: Bagel Brunch @ TBK

1:00 pm: Performance at Auditorium Theatre

Tickets, including brunch, are available at $45, $55 and $75 price level.  Ticket order and full payment due no later than November 9, 2018.

To reserve your tickets contact Terri Richardson at 244-7060 or info@tbk.org



Parashat Beshalach

In this Torah portion, God tells Moses to have the Israelites set up camp at the Sea of Reeds, but then Pharaoh changes his mind about freeing the Israelites and chases his former slaves. With the Egyptians on the Israelites’ tail, God splits the sea and Moses leads the Israelites through it. When the Egyptians enter, God closes the waters, and the Egyptians drown. Miriam leads all the Israelite women in song and dance to celebrate. Soon after, the Israelites begin to complain about life in the desert. God provides quail and manna to feed them. The Israelites battle the Amalekites and win.