Our Leadership

TBK Board of Trustees 2018-19



Steven Chaba , President

Michael Kaufman, President-Elect
Fred Weingarten, Vice-President
David Stone, Treasurer
Irene Narotsky, Secretary
Daniel Mendelson, Immediate Past President


Board of Trustees

Leslie Baker                            Mitch Chess
Michael Gordon                   Amy Kahn
Robert Kravetz                    Jacqui Liebman
Sue Lococo                              Bobbi Rubens
Herb Skerker                         Jonathan Siegel
Rachel Wexler                       Barry Wisset




Parashat Vayishlach
December 14, 2019

In this Torah portion, God tells Jacob to return home. Worried that his brother Esau will kill him, Jacob divides his clan into two camps, so at least some will survive in case of a fight. Jacob sleeps alone in the desert and is awoken by an angel who wrestles him through the night. Jacob survives and is blessed by the angel and renamed Israel. Jacob meets his brother and, surprisingly, they embrace. Dinah, Jacob’s daughter, is raped by Shekhem, who then proposes to Jacob that he marry her. Shimeon and Levi brutally murder Shekhem and his clan. Rachel has another child, whom she and Jacob name Benjamin