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Thursday May 25 at 12:00 noon at TBK
The Jewish Play Project: Documenting 200 years of Jewish Designers, Entrepreneurs & Inventors in Toy, Games, Pinball & Video Games with Stephen Jacobs

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-Monday May 29 for Memorial Day
-Wednesday Man 31 for Shavuot

-Tuesday May 30 at 7:00 pm
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-Wednesday May 31 at 10:00 am
-Shavuot Service/Yizkor

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-7:00 pm Shabbat Service
Installation of the Board of Trustees and the WRJ/Sisterhood Board & Observance of the 50th Anniversary of the Six Day War - Enhanced Oneg Shabbat

Friday,May 26, 2017

From Rabbi Peter Stein

This weekend, we will mark the American holiday of Memorial Day.  In Israel’s calendar, Memorial Day and Independence Day are very closely linked…they occur on two consecutive days.  I believe we can learn a lesson from this for our American observance.

Memorial Day is significant because there are now well over 1 million Americans who have died in defense of our country.  In order to recognize how precious our country is, we must take the time to acknowledge the sacrifices that have been made to defend our freedom and democratic values around the world.  

Memorial Day has evolved as the general population’s relationship with the military has evolved.  It is now less than 1% of the American population that has served in the US Armed Forces.  This changes the perspective that many have about Memorial Day and other civic events that recognize and support the service and sacrifice of men and women in uniform.  By contrast, during World War II, 12 % of the population served.   There was a much more widespread direct connection and intimacy in regards to the military.

As we do each week, we will begin our Shabbat service by saying “Shabbat Shalom!”  We wish and we pray and we hope for shalom—peace.  On this Shabbat of American Memorial Day weekend, there will be extra fervor to this expression of hope.  May we be blessed to reach a time of shalom and may we honor those who lost their lives trying to bring us to a time of peace.

Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Stein


Friday May 26
6:00 pm   Shabbat Service

Saturday May 27
Torah: Numbers 1:1-4:20
Haftarah: Hosea 2:1-22

8:00 am Tanach Study
9:15 am Torah Study  
10:30 am Shabbat Service & B'not Mitzvah of Lauren & Sydney Grossman

Wednesday May 31  
NO Wednesday Evening Minyan due to Shavuot



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TBK Religious School student Taliya Moore asks your help with her Bat Mitzvah Project
Taliya is collecting non-perishable food to be distributed during the summer months to students from School 3. 91% of School 3's population receives free breakfast and lunch during the school year. Suggestions for donations include: granola bars, peanut butter, applesauce, cereal, macaroni and cheese, oatmeal, cheese or peanut butter crackers, and fruit cups, but any donation is truly appreciated. A collection box is located in the foyer of the Religious School. Thank you!

2017 Brighton Believes 5K Race
Sunday June 4 at 9:00 am
At Meridian Centre Park. This event will support the Brighton Food Cupboard and Brighton Your Wardrobe. More information is available at JFSRochester.org