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The TBK Museum has a new banner outside one of its doors.
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The Museum is open during services and special Temple B’rith Kodesh events.


Our mission is to protect, restore and repair the objects left in our stewardship and to display with care and attention various objects associated with a themed exhibition. We put on two or three exhibitions a year and always hope to create a space that emanates an aura of beauty and respect. In the most recent past we borrowed a “Bible Quilt” from the Rochester Museum and Science Center and built an extraordinary display case to house it. We felt it was an important selection, as it was beautiful on its own and was used by one of our first TBK Rabbis: Rabbi and Mrs. Landsberg. The Museum Committee has published a beautiful booklet, From Darkness to Light, which is available for ownership. It features 9 interesting Museum objects.

The Art and Museum Committee is looking for new, active, members. It is very interesting work. We meet about 4 times a year to discuss forthcoming exhibits, and to put them up. We also have a business meeting at this time. This may be the right committee for your to consider if you would like to contribute to your synagogue community and have an interest in art and museum issues. Please Annette Satloff, current Chair of the Art and Museum Committee, at grannette[at]

Hope for Peace

All Abrahamic religions have the creation story that begins in a garden. A garden is a sacred space, and as such has meaning.

PeaceSculptureHow about going out to our TBK interior courtyard, with mature trees, beautiful plantings and an inspired dry river bed, undulating throughout. There you will see our new, well-received Jim Cunningham sculpture, Peace. It features the dove of peace being released by 2 hands, evoking a singular quality of emotion.

See for yourself.

Audio Tour Completed

Tour the Myron S. & Marcia M. Lewis Menorah Collection with the newly released self-guided audio tour!

Chanukah is approaching, the Festival of Lights. We have a shining star right here at Temple B'rith Kodesh, the Lewis Menorah Collection. 200 menorot (the plural for menorah), diverse and unique, brighten our Ames Amzalak Atrium.

A brand new self-guided audio tour is available to individuals and groups, congregants or visitors. Whether you select the adult or the family version, the tour is packed with information about the collection, the Festival of Chanukah, the menorah through history and the relationship between beautiful ritual objects and Jewish faith and practice.

The audio tour is available whenever the temple office is open or by special arrangement. It is made possible through a generous grant from the Paul B. Dosberg Foundation in memory of General Myron S. Lewis.

The Lewis Menorah Collection

Menorah LookerA gift of General Myron S. Lewis (of Blessed Memory) and Mrs. Marcia M. Lewis
In memory of
Maurice L. & Mary G. Lewis
Katherine R. Lewis
Meyer M. & Lea B. Miller

Housed in the Ames Amzalak Atrium at Temple B'rith Kodesh

Dedicated Sunday, December 16 2001, this world-class collection helps us appreciate Jewish history and culture as it is expressed throughout the world.

Each menorah has a fascinating story. For example, one was inspired by a work by Salvador Dali, another was hand-crafted for General Lewis by Mary Zuni, a native American silversmith.

The collection was organized and described by museum curator and consultant Candace J. Adelson, Ph.D. Guides are available in the Ames-Amzalak Atrium to assist you as you view the collection.

Listing of the Menorahs

South Entrance Exhibition Cases Debut

We hope you are enjoying the stunning exhibition cases now in place in the Bobry-Littwitz South Entrance to TBK. We are awaiting permanent wall labels, so here is a listing of the items on display. There are also laminated descriptions temporarily available in the South Entrance.

MuseumShofarLEFT CASE

Torah Rimmonim
Probably eastern Europe, late 19th early 20th century
In Honor of Sophie Bernstein's 90th birthday
Gift in 1995 by the Bernstein Society

1) Kiddush Cup
Sterling silver, gilt interior
Norway, 1938
In memory of Rose Dubnikoff
From her friends, 1967

2) Kiddush Cup
Silver with gilt interior
USA, 20th c.,
Reproduction of 17th c Nurenberg pineapple shape covered cup
Gift of Mrs. B. Miller

3) Kiddush Cup
Sterling silver
Artist: Ludwig Yehuda Wolpert
Limited edition
In memory of Charlotte Achter
Gift in 1973 of her husband Harry Achter

The Blessing
Cast bronze
Artist: Luise Kaish
US 20th c.
In memory of Mr, and Mrs. Ben Goldstein
Gift in 1958 of Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Goldstein


19th c. Warsaw
In memory of Arline Wiseman
From her friends

Synagogue Candelabra
Probably Russian
In memory of Louis Perlman
From his wife, Edith Perlman, in 1987


1) Etrog Box
Israel, 20th c.
Gift in 1956 of the TBK Confirmation class

2) Commemorative Plate
Sterling Silver
Artist: Arieh Ophir
Limited edition
In memory of her parents John and Ida Maisel
Gift in 2005 of Alice Jo Maisel Lichtman and Marshall Lichtman

Miriam Cup
Artist: Elizabeth Mears
Purchase in 2001 by the TBK Museum Committee

Artist: David Palumbo
Israel mid 20th c.
In honor of their 45th wedding anniversary
Gift in 1972 of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Marsey