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The Bernstein Society, established in 1986, honors the memory of Rabbi Phillip S. Bernstein, the spiritual leader of our temple between 1927 and 1973.
The Society provides funding and leadership for expanded and enriched programming and projects to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of our Jewish heritage, and to perpetuate the legacy of the late Rabbi Bernstein.


2016 marks the 30th year for the Bernstein Society. If the Society is to endure, we need you, the younger members of TBK to join us. Your membership along with a one-time contribution of $200 can make a real difference in our ability to plan future programs and provide the kind of leadership that will enrich our lives. Please help us to perpetuate the memory of this dynamic leader of TBK and create a vibrant future for our congregation.

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Phone:  (585) 244-7060 ext. 240
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Web: tbk.org
Please enroll me/us in the Rabbi Phillip S. Bernstein Society. I/we understand our obligation to contribute a minimum of $200 to the Society, payable over a two-year period.

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