What The TBK Brotherhood is About

The TBK Brotherhood represents a fresh vision for translating the inspiration of Judaism for a new generation of men. Mindful of the open mindset of today's Jewish men The TBK Brotherhood seeks to reinvent the Brotherhood as a relaxed and enjoyable setting for personal growth and communal connection. If you're a man that hasn't connected with the Synagogue then our club was designed for you.

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TBK Brotherhood Mission

The mission of the TBK Brotherhood is to foster fellowship among the men at TBK and to inspire them to perform acts of Tikkun Olam in order to sustain and promote Jewish culture and community.

The TBK Brotherhood will engage, educate and energize the men of TBK facilitating strong leadership and perpetuating these ideals for our Temple, our Community and Ourselves.

Brotherhood Calendar

Brotherhood events can be found on the Temple calendar.