2014-15 Britkty Membership Application

Our school year and a chapter of TBK have drawn to a close. We have many successes that will continue to bring us smiles. Among them we include: Seventy-Five Best People/Places/Events in Rochester art project; Chanukah Chagiga; participation in the Torah Restoration project; increased involvement with Modi’in Israel; an amazing Purim celebration that began with macaroni and cheese greggars that then went to the food cupboard; Mitkadem testing that earned almost 1,300 Tootsie Rolls; enhanced Family Education programs; our model Seder. Our youth groups thrived with creative programs. The multi-generational Havdallah Spaghetti dinner fun(d)raiser and our four interactive Shabbat services have us all beaming.

All of the programs and events succeeded because of the people supporting them. We are blessed to have outstanding teachers, madrichim and support staff. They are all truly invaluable. I will miss and I thank Rabbi Rebecca Gutterman.  She has been quite an extraordinary partner/collaborator/mentor and friend since I arrived at TBK and it was largely her determination that encouraged our most recent creativity and spiritual depth. I will miss and I thank BRiKTY President Isabel (Izzi) Calkins who has now graduated high school and heads to NYU in the fall, after a summer as head song leader at Camp Seneca Lake. In her position as BRiKTY President this year, Izzi has partnered with our advisor Rachel Kosoff in bringing our senior Youth Group to new heights. She has been a leader with poise, dignity and humility, putting the needs of the group ahead of her own and thinking constantly about the future and the needs of members. Her additional contributions in music and ruach have been immeasurable and our group is stronger and tighter because of her leadership. I will miss Rachel Kosoff in her position as BRiKTY advisor while she takes a one-year hiatus to concentrate on her Graduate School studies.

We have been made stronger by the influence of Rabbi Gutterman, Izzi and Rachel and because of their leadership we are able to move forward.

BRiKTY Elections

Mazel Tov to the newly elected BRiKTY Board for 2015-2016:

President: Jessica Robbins
Programming Vice-President: Emma Ross
Social Action Vice-President: Eliana Stein
Religious and Cultural Vice-President: Benjamin Richardson
Membership Vice-President: Mollie Miller
Communications Vice-President: Ava Bronstein




Please remember that summer for teachers and our office means creative collaboration, exploration and planning.  If you have not yet signed up for Religious School for 2014-15, please take some time to do so now. We look forward to another amazing year!